Tuesday Link Round-Up

Here are a few links to some interesting things I’ve read recently that might be of interest to fellow technical writers:

  • Web Worker Daily recently published an article on underused (or maybe under-publicized?) Google features. My favorite is Google Alerts – I can have Google send me an e-mail whenever it generates any search results related to a particular keyword. It seems like it could be a handy tool for tracking recent developments related to a certain news story, product, or industry.
  • The Photoshop Blog has a really nice posting which links to tutorials for creating several types of text effects using Photoshop or a comparable image editor. This looks like a good place to brush up on some image editing skills…
  • Draw Anywhere screen capDrawAnywhere is a cool web-based tool which lets you draw simple diagrams and charts using nothing but a web browser and an Internet connection. This is something that could really be convenient for any technical writers that need to create quick flowcharts or diagrams while working far away from any licensed copies of Visio.

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