Shoap Technical Services provides each client with a team of professional writers, trainers, and project managers and high-quality resources to ensure first-rate documentation. We believe Shoap Technical Services is uniquely qualified to provide documentation and training support to our clients for these reasons:

  • We believe in setting realistic, achievable goals based on our clients’ needs, timeframes, and budgets.
  • We offer our clients several decades of experience working on a variety of documentation and training projects, in all formats, and in a diverse cross-section of technical and professional industries. This gives us a unique position in the market and considerable advantage over our competitors.
  • We have a ready-made team of professionals available to work on documentation and training projects. We not only provide the skilled professionals necessary to complete project work, but team/project management to ensure the efficiency of each project.
  • Our senior management oversees each project and is actively involved in the whole process. We always do an internal review of our own work to ensure high quality.
  • Our team approach helps guarantee that the knowledge-base for a project remains intact and that work continues if an individual writer must leave the project temporarily or permanently.
  • We have experience providing documentation and training solutions for narrowly focused proprietary systems, as well as large-scale, enterprise-wide implementations.
  • Our expertise in software analysis and adult instructional design, vital for any type of customized software, differentiates us from other documentation providers.
  • We want to work with each client as a long-term partner, rather than as a one-time project resource. Therefore, we have a personal stake in producing quality products for our clients.