At Shoap Technical Services, we work with you to quickly integrate into your team. Our expertise in documentation and training preparation allows us to provide professional leadership for the team. We can demonstrate all of the documentation and training options available and then discuss the timeframe, budget, and requirements of the chosen project. Our mission is to provide you with value-added service on each and every project.

Our writers are extremely technical, with degrees and backgrounds in computer science and engineering, and our editors have advanced degrees in composition and communication. We understand software and business processes, and can translate technical concepts into easy-to-follow material for a variety of audiences.

We are flexible with your needs, so we can take on all of the documentation and training responsibilities for a company, or work with an in-house technical writing group to provide the support you need. We are just as comfortable carrying a process through from start to finish as we are helping our clients start a project and then transitioning it back to them to finish or finishing a project already in process. We are here to support what you need.