Tips for using Camtasia Studio Version 3.1.0

I have recently developed some software instructional videos for one of our clients using Camtasia Studio. When developing these videos, I noticed a glitch in the program and I thought I would share what I found and how I managed to work around the error.

Issue – Sync problems in published video
After editing the video and adding callouts, zooms and voice-over audio (recorded separately), I noticed that my rendered video files did not sync with the audio. Callouts would occur after the video had already moved past the point they were supposed to start. The entire video ended before all audio and callouts had occurred. I did not notice any of these issues in the editor, only after I published the video files.

Discovery / Work Around
After much searching, it turned out that the frame rate of the rendered files was 15. Apparently my audio files and some other video components were running at a 30 second frame rate. I have since started explicitly specifying a 30 second frame rate in the output of all my published video files in Camtasia. This seems to solve all of my sync issues.

My research indicated that Camtasia Studio has fixed some bugs related to sync problems in recent releases of the Camtasia Studio software. The version I was using is Version 3.1.0.

I hope this helps anyone finding themselves in the same predicament.

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