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Quick Friday Link Roundup

It’s link round-up time once again! Here’s what I found on the Interweb this week:

  • Internet Resources for Writers – Fairly self-explanatory.  Can’t think of anything I’d add other than “Lorem Ipsum” text to quickly copy to create placeholders…
  • Fotoflexer (via LifeHacker) – If, like me, you are a technical writer who spends most of the day switching between several computer systems… well, that’s just it, you use several computer systems.  And sometimes its just not possible to have Photoshop installed on every single machine.  Fortunately, you can use Fotoflexer to edit pictures inside of a web browser.  Problem solved!
  •  15 iGoogle Widgets for Web Workers – Finally, if you EVER use Google for anything, chances are you’ve personalized your iGoogle page (or at least you’ve seen it before).  Here’s a list of 15 handy thingees that will make your life a bit easier.  I like the procrastinator’s clock (for I am a procrastinator) and the timesheet tool (because like most contractors, I write up and send out a timesheet every single day…)

That’s all for now.  TGIF!

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