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Why Instant Messaging and Captivate Don’t Mix

The client that I currently work for requires all employees and contractors to be available on a proprietary instant messaging system at all times during working hours.

Unfortunately, mixing Captivate and instant messaging programs can cause issues with the auto-labeling feature during your capture sessions:


Not only can it get annoying when your captured slides show a callout for every time that you received a message, I’ve also found that Captivate 2 has a nasty tendency to crash about 50% of the times that an instant message comes in – this has cost me hours in terms of lost time and effort, so watch out! Of course, there’s no good way to tell if the issue is due to Captivate or the instant messaging app, but I suspect both of them are contributing. I’ve found a good number of confirmed bugs in Captivate when it runs by itself.

I now make a habit (with my manager’s approval) of “dropping off the radar” and shutting off all applications whenever I am about to capture a Captivate simulation. I suggest you do the same.

And hey, by shutting off Outlook you might just discover how much you enjoy ignoring e-mails.

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