Business Writing

Fixed-Price Proposals

At Shoap Technical Services, we take pride in our ability to offer our clients fixed-priced bids for technical documentation and training.  We feel that this is an advantage to our clients because everyone likes to know how much a project is going to cost before they start.  And we feel confidant that we can correctly estimate a project because 1) we’ve done so many technical writing and training projects over the past 25 years and 2) we’ve learned how to break down a project into small enough parts so we can assign numbers (time) to each part to determine a total cost.  What we like to say is, “If we can put our arms around the project, we can successfully bid it.”  While we have, at times, missed our estimates and had to finish a project at a loss, most of the time we’re pretty accurate.  That makes our clients happy because they know from the outset what they’re going to have to pay and it allows us to make enough money to stay in business.