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Joining The Team

I did not like change.

Last Monday I began a major new chapter: my internship at Shoap Technical Services. I was hired to do marketing for the summer and given a great deal of freedom. I was encouraged to let my mind run free and to tackle any project I thought I would enjoy doing to increase sales. It’s an aspiring PR girl’s dream. But like I said, I didn’t like change.

Nerves and the hangover of a bad sleep schedule from Georgia Tech finals week kept me up most of the night, but Monday morning I got up, put on my business casual outfit, and headed south to Midtown. I spent my first day at the ATDC Startup Showcase, where I learned that Dr. Jeffrey Shoap is famous among the Georgia technology community. Every few minutes, another business acquaintance excitedly greeted him as we made our way through the displays. Within a few hours, I felt like I had been part of STS for several months. I left the office feeling a good sense of accomplishment. I thought, “I could get used to change.”

On Wednesday I began getting to know my coworkers. First was Emily, the collected yet fun writer with a knack for computer science, followed by Jonathan, the electrical engineer, who I have a feeling is quite the ladies’ man. Then was Shaun, who is slightly intimidating until he tells a joke. Old favorite Paul rejoined the team Monday morning, and I finally got to talk to Daniel that day. I’m pretty sure he can sense fear and that skydiving wouldn’t faze him.

Throughout the week, I learned more about STS projects. This talented group can cover an incredible variety of subjects, from recipes to API/SDK. All the writers work together, using each other as resources and helping each other solve problems. Company deliverables are clear, concise, and aesthetically attractive.

As my fifth day at the office winds down, I consider what an amazing opportunity it is to work with this talented, intelligent group.

Change is good.

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Sounds like there are some really cool people at your work. I can’t say that I would enjoy technical writing , but I would imagine it is a great way to start a PR career. Good luck with the new job I hope you enjoy it!

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